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Prescription drugs prices are increasing day by day, and people across countries are striving to buy prescription drugs online at costs which are affordable to them. Buying prescription drugs online is convenient for patients as they get access to international brand and generic prescription medications which may not be available in their country.

Recession fears also prompt the patients to search for a safe and affordable venue to fill the medication prescription. Finding a reputable, trustworthy online pharmacy is a valid desire for everyone and this is where the role of GenuineDrugs123.com comes in as a trusted online pharmacy e-marketplace:

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GenuineDrugs123.com is a reputed pharmaceutical e-marketplace. International Licensed Pharmacies post their prescription medications online on our platform and patients worldwide happily buy prescription drugs online for a majority of diseases such as Allergy, Alzheimer's, Anti-Fungals, Anti-Virals, Antibiotics, Anticoagulants, Arthritis, Birth Control Pills, Coronavirus - COVID-19, Depression, Diabetes, Epilepsy Seizures, HIV/AIDS, Heart Care, Hepatitis, Immunosuppressants, Men's Sexual Health, Migraine, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Respiratory Disease, Schizophrenia and also all CANCER conditions.

What We Do

GenuineDrugs123.com helps the patients worldwide to buy branded and generic prescription drugs / medications online from fully licensed and independently verified, licensed Belgium, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Canada pharmacies, online and offline. We provide a most personalized and caring service to all the medication buyers and strive to be a source for them for affordable prescription drugs online, better in price and quality than their local pharmacy.

We strictly restrict the posting or purchase of any medications which contain narcotics or any controlled substances.


The 10000+ Prescriptions that we fill every month, give us an utmost satisfaction that what we do is right as it is appreciated by buyers from countries globally.  We care for our patient buyers, we believe that they have every right to get affordable prescription drugs and buy high quality prescription medications online for their treatment by personal use prescription medications import from Canada, India and many other countries. All this gives us a pride in offering a Professional and Personalized Service, High Medications Quality, Wonderful Savings, Absolute Payment Safety and Timely Shipment Guarantees.

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Accredited International & Canadian Pharmacy Marketplace

Ordering prescription medications online is much simpler and easier than finding a physical pharmacy which is selling the exact medication a patient wants. Additionally, with us being a neutral Pharmacy Marketplace looking after the interests of both the pharmacy sellers and the patient buyers, our neutrality provides the much-needed trust factor which a patient needs in purchasing from any legitimate online pharmacy. All our Pharmacy sources are accredited Licensed International having a valid license issued by the relevant FDA authorities of their countries. GenuineDrugs123 Online Pharmacy prices are even better than any other legal online pharmacy prices as patients are able to buy prescription medications directly dispensed from Canada licensed pharmacy or other international licensed pharmacies.

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Other Pharmacies may certify themselves to be guaranteed by Trust Guard Business verification or by Norton Shopping Guarantee, but just think what is the real and practical trust service to a patient from such website accreditations only?  Will TrustGuard or Norton come to a patients rescue if no shipping is done after payment or if any wrong medications are shipped? No, we don’t this so. Humbly, its only the role of GenuineDrugs123.com as a neutral online pharmacy services e-marketplace that ensures that the patient buyers get safe and affordable prescription medications with no risk of payment from a non-shipment or a wrong shipment.

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As a Discount Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs Online Pharmacy services marketplace, we welcome Licensed Pharmacy sellers from various countries to post their medications on our site. We independently verify the credentials of such pharmacy vendors and then work on a simple and reasonable commission-based trade service model. As we do not add exorbitant profit margins on any drugs listed on our marketplace site, the patients are able to visit our site and buy safe - authentic - affordable prescription and non-prescription drugs online @ direct pharmacy purchase prices which have proved to get the buyers a 20% to 60% Savings on Canada Online Pharmacy prices.

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At GenuineDrugs123.com, we work on a business model that is becoming a trusted online pharmacy source for safe - authentic - affordable prescription medications to the patients worldwide. Our clients have themselves provided us their feedback that buying from our marketplace pharmacy sellers directly has given them considerable savings compared to even the most famous Canada Online Pharmacy prices. And a multiplier benefit is our personalized service to the patient buyers, at every point of the transaction, starting from enquiring about any lowest prescription drugs prices online till the medication parcels getting finally shipped to them. Payments are released to the pharmacy sellers only when validated tracking details are received for the shipped parcels.

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Safe and Affordable Prescription Drugs

It feels really good to say again that our site posted prices are 20% to 60% less expensive than similar medications as sold on CIPA pharmacies and are even cheaper than U.S. pharmacies or U.S. mail-order drugs companies’ prices. Lower and High Discount Online Pharmacy prices are an important matter for the patients, but equally important is our checks and counter checks that ensures that only safe and genuine medications are shipped which are duly authorized for manufacturing or import/export by the FDA of the relevant pharmacy’s country. Our vendor pharmacies require a valid and signed Doctors’ prescription or a Scholarly Use Undertaking if the medications are required for any such study purposes. All this ensures a quality controlled and convenient purchasing of brand or generic pharmaceuticals home delivered!

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Easy Purchase of Prescription Medications

All the Pharmaceutical Drugs ordered on GenuineDrugs123.com are shipped and sold directly from Legal Registered Pharmacies, are approved for use for Human Treatment by the FDA of their manufacturing or import country and can also be used for conducting any R&D / Test or Analysis / Scholarly studies purposes. If you need medications for Personal Disease Treatment then a valid Doctor’s Prescription will need to be uploaded while placing your order. If you need the same for any study purposes use then a Scholarly Study Use Undertaking is digitally generated for your acceptance for shipping purposes. We try to make your purchase experience even better and easier than when you buy online at Canada Pharmacy.

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GenuineDrugs123.com is an online Canadian and International Pharmacy Sellers Marketplace established with the goal of providing worldwide patients a facility to buy high-quality brand or generic medications from the online or physical pharmacies and getting maximum discount on prescription drugs. We work with love and care for our patient buyers with a strict quality control requirements from the seller pharmacies. Our role is to get you genuine, safest and highest-quality prescription drugs at the lowest possible affordable online pharmacy prices. In addition, we are always happily available to you with a personalized response time of just a few hours on any of your query related to online prescription order, secure payment status, trackable parcel shipments, and any other issue you may have.

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