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How to protect ourselves in summer

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How to protect ourselves in summer

Summers are here which brings us nearer to the Sun. Let us all remember the lessons that were taught in the schools- sun emits several rays that are harmful and dangerous for human body and health. We have to save ourselves from these dangerous sunrays and keep ourselves healthy, fit, and fine. For keeping yourself safe from the harmful effects of the sunrays, keep reading this content and figure out various ways by which you can keep yourself safe and secured from these harmful effects of sunrays and also protect yourself from the scorching heat of the summer.

Season changes and weather changes are unavoidable but the precautions we adapt to these changes depends. It is very important to keep ourselves protected and care for own selves during the summer season in order to be safe from various diseases like cancer of the skin, disease like chicken pox, rashes on skin, exposure to prickly heat, and dehydration(lack of water in the body) and so many more. Excessive and unnecessary exposure to the sun and its rays is the first and the most crucial thing that should be avoided as much as possible. Below mentioned are various steps that you can adapt in order to keep yourself healthy and fit during the summer season.

Use Summer Accessories:




You will see that various things are particularly designed for summer seasons and some specifically for summer seasons. It is vital to use the appropriate season specific items to keep ourselves protected.
• During summer the scorching heat and the sunrays increases your chances of getting sunburns, therefore experts recommend to use a good quality of sunscreen lotions or creams before stepping out from indoors. Please keep in mind that the sunscreen should be applied minimum half an hour before going outdoors for best result.
• Always wear a sunglass while you are outside. Do not buy a poor-quality sunglass as that may cause harm to your eyes, instead go for a reasonably good pair of sunglasses. It is no doubt a deal. Cheap quality sunglasses will not solve the problem as they will not be able to block the ultra violet rays.
• Using of an umbrella while going out should be mandatory.
• Tinted glasses should be used for your window panes and car panes, so that it helps the outside heat to get absorbed.                      


Dress Code in Summer:
Whatever we wear has an important role in our health, so we have to be very cautious about what we wear during the summer season. Please note the below mentioned points-
• Strictly avoid wearing clothes and undergarments that are black in color as black color absorbs the heat. White colored clothes are best to be worn during the summer.
• Light cotton clothes should be worn during the summer season. Stay away from wearing clothes of polyester and nylon.
• Use a hat, scarf, or a soft towel to cover your head while you are outside in the sun. • Avoid wearing clothes that are tight fitting or thick during the summer. These types of clothes create hindrance for proper circulation of air.
• Unless required, it is best to avoid wearing suits and coats during the summer season.
• To avoid getting tanned it is best to wear full sleeves light cotton clothes during the summer.
• In order to avoid the stinking smell from sweating using of perfumes and deodorants are recommended.
• At home you can opt for wearing short dresses as you do not get exposed to sunlight.
• Sandals and chappals should be worn in-place of shoes if possible.


Food Habits to Be Followed:


As the saying goes “Health is wealth" therefore it is very important to look after on what we eat and also should have a strict control over it. Whatever is tasty and pleasant for the mouth might not be suitable for your body, from now on a few foods should be avoided during specific seasons.
• Drinking adequate amount of water will help you in staying hydrated which is very important during the summer season. In order to prevent yourself from getting severely dehydrated (which is often life threatening) it is advised to drink plenty of fluids. Drink water in frequent intervals even if you are not thirsty.
• Foods like dates, ice creams, cold water, and red chilly are to be avoided as these are hot in nature. After they reach your body, these types of hot food along with the heat of your body may lead to stomach upset.
• It is recommended that you include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet during the summer season as you will require gaining ample of energy.


Personal Care:
Further to the measures that are mentioned above, you have to take care of yourself as well.
• If possible then take a bath two times daily
• Wash and rinse your hair one time every day. Sweat along with dirt particles will accumulate in your head and can lead to itchiness, for avoiding this, wash your head and hair at least one time each day.
• It is very important to wash your clothes every day rather than wearing the similar clothes over again.
• Stay away from excessive work out plan during the summer season. Try to focus on yoga or any other kinds of light exercise that can be done at home.
• Avoid going out from your house particularly during the peak noon hours (from 10:00am – 4:00pm) when the sun rays are the strongest. The ultra violet rays emitted at this duration of time are the most harmful ones.
• In order to get rid of prickly heat, use some good quality soothing powders having Menthol in it.

If you follow the above mentioned measures then you can definitely take pleasure in the summer season also like any other season.

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